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After a longer than expected absence from updating the website, The Gut Life is back with a new logo, a new look and from a personal perspective a much more experienced out look on nutrition! I have been working really hard at college and it will all pay off this summer when I can start accepting my first clients which is super exciting. I have spent a huge amount of time in clinic seeing real life cases which has given me invaluable experience and insights and I am brimming with ideas about how I would like to improve other people’s lives through their diet and lifestyle.

Many a friend and family member has been my guinea pig and for that I thank them and it has also taught me that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and there is no single, clean cut answer that applies to everybody – this will shape my consultations in the future, to look at everyone as an individual and make tailor-made plans for that person that suits their personal circumstances and goals.

My clinic experience also taught me that the gut really is integral to health and whilst it may not be related to all issues I have seen in practice, it plays a role in the vast majority. Ever heard the expressions “I have butterflies” or “my gut feeling is….” or “sick to my stomach”? This is no coincidence – a lot of our emotions manifest in our digestive systems. It is also no coincidence that studies have shown that the gut microflora is a different composition in, for example, those suffering with anxiety and depression and overweight people. With that in mind The Gut Life blog will have a slight bias to digestive related issues but will generally writing on a vast range of nutrition related commentary and discussions.

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Thank you for all your support and I hope you enjoy The Gut Life!

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