Weight Loss Challenge


Feeling a bit sluggish? Lacking motivation? Need to shift a few pounds but don't know where to start?

Are you sick of being on a diet where the results don't last or you feel constantly hungry?

Tired of spending lots of money on weight loss programmes but not really achieving your goals?

Look no further! Here at The Gut Life I want you to lose weight in a sustainable way without feeling like you are starving yourself nor that you as soon as you stop being "on a diet" you will put the weight back on.

I want to help you make changes to your eating habits which are long-lasting and realistic.  It's will be a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.  I will inject you with energy and motivation but most importantly arm you with information to make sensible choices for you and your friends and family.

This is an 8 week programme to get you started and includes:

  • a starter pack which includes what to expect, shopping lists, guidelines, symptom checkers
  • a sample 7 day menu including recipes
  • a food diary template where you can monitor your eating habits
  • weekly blogs with a Q&A session
  • direct access to a Registered Nutritional Therapist to answer any questions you may have

You can get all of this for the Early Bird offer of just £19.95!

The next 8 week programme will start on Monday 14th January.  Book in now before prices rise!

Feedback for The TGL Weight Loss Challenge:

"The experience has permanently changed some of my eating and lifestyle habits"

"Trying out your recipes was good fun, and a great way to start the shift towards healthier meals"

"Not only were the meals delicious, but we never felt hungry or like we were on any kind of diet"

"I benefited from much better sleep, I always fell asleep easily but would wake up after a few hours then doze if I was lucky for the rest of the night. Now I go to bed, out like a light and don’t wake up until I have had my 7 / 8 hrs"

"I wake feeling much more “enthusiastic” about my days"

" I did not feel I suffered from day to day fatigue, but clearly I did, as I do now feel much more energetic"

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