Vegtember – Days 3 and 4

Day 3

I mastered the making a smoothie and getting to work on time this morning – hooray! I am conscious that as a person of the female variety, it’s important to get iron into my diet so my smoothie had a couple of good handfuls of spinach. Other iron-rich foods (for vegetarians) include other leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs and dried fruit. It’s so easy to add nuts and seeds into a smoothie too – I’ve used these before and they are perfectly sized: blender sachets

For lunch I heated up some of my home-made vegetarian chilli – you can find the recipe to this here

This evening I had organised a girls night out which also meant I could organise the dinner location – I picked Comptoir Libanais in Soho – lots of vegetarian mezze choices and good sharing food for a party of peckish girlies.

We then went to Cahoots – a “secret” underground bar in Soho decked out like a 1940s underground train. We entered asking the Station Master if we could “see the Captain” – all the staff were in character and we had a brilliant night sampling most of the cocktail menu (we had 21 different types, I counted. Animals).

Day 4

I’m not going to lie, the thought of pork based products floated through my brain this morning sitting at my desk trying to focus on the computer screen but I am pleased to report I resisted and plumped for eggs, beans and hash browns from the local Italiano café. Eggs are actually a great hangover food because they contain cystine, which your liver uses to process the by-products of metabolised alcohol.

Given the size of my breakfast, I snacked on gluten free oatcakes, cream cheese and Mexican bean dip around lunchtime.

The day went on forever. Forever. When I finally escaped home I had a 2 hour kitchen blitz – I made wheat-free bread (with Tuesday night’s recipe!), granola, pasta sauce and my dinner: Vegetables in a homemade tomato and onion sauce on red lentil pasta with some torn mozzarella. First time I have had red lentil pasta – a lovely colleague at work gave me 2 boxes she had ordered from here . I have to say it was pretty good!

Results of my first ever bread-making tomorrow – I have some very important guests to impress!

Day 3 Iron Packed Smoothie:

Cahoots Cocktails:

Day 4 Snack at lunchtime:

Day 4 Dinner:

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