Vegtember – Days 20 and 21

Day 20

Breakfast consisted of a quick slice of toast en route to school along with a green smoothie – trying to pack more veg into my smoothies I used: broccoli, spinach, an apple, raspberries, squeezed orange juice, ginger, spiralina and almond milk.
Greenie goodness.

Today our lecturer was an Italian chap. If a comedian was doing an impression of an Italian they would sound like this guy. Every word had an “a” or an “i” added on the end. My favourite line was when he announced “OK! Let’s take a pee-a break-a!” Ok Boss.

Another day at school, another emptying of my bank account at Planet Organic. SB and I bought lunch in house today and I went for the 3 bean chilli with veg, rice and potatoes – tasty but would have preferred more chilli, less potatoes.

lunch 20.09

I decided to make a lasagne for dinner and started doing my shopping in Planet Organic – I gave up when I realised a lasagne would cost me nearly the equivalent of one of Lucy and my posh dinners out. In the end I just bought some eggs and spelt flour wholemeal lasagne sheets there and got the rest in Waitrose!

My mid-afternoon snack was a Primal Joy Cacao & Coconut Paleo Bites – tasty but something I think I could make myself and maybe nicer!

The afternoon passed without event and when I got home I cooked up this yummy Vegetable Lasagne

Day 21

THIS is the daily minefield I have to put up with:


These, my friends, are IUPs. My nemesis, enemy No 1, The Joker to my Batman. This wasn’t even the end of the IUPs today either – there were at least 3 more boxes of Krispy Kremes, an airport sized bag of Toberlone and some unidentified muck from foreign climes…. There was a birthday definitely, someone else had been promoted, absolutely no idea why the rest of them were taking over the kitchen bringing out the devil on my shoulder.

I used to have a really sweet tooth, and still do to some extent, but last November I undertook a 3 week detox where I gave up alcohol, sugar, caffeine, red meat and anything else you might consider “bad” and after that my sweet tooth has diminished somewhat. I never have chocolate in the house anymore and I never buy a bar in the shop but there is something about IUPs that draw me in – I don’t know if it’s because temptation is right there under my nose, boredom, the fact that I can smell them or maybe just because they are free!

I cut a donut in half and felt virtuous for not having a whole one. Half an hour later I went back and cut another one in half (the other half of the first one had gone) and figured one whole donut was better than two. This was all pre-9.30am. Terrible. You will see in the picture the discarded white plastic knives where people “just have a corner” and then abandon their weapon before anyone catches them.

A guy on my team told me he is bringing in IUPs tomorrow – he has 4 reasons to celebrate: a birthday, a birth, a work anniversary and a holiday. Given that people probably spend an average of about £30 on IUPs I am expecting something EPIC. My boss then told me that since the other guy is bringing his IUPs in tomorrow, he will bring his joint holiday and birthday IUPs in on Wednesday (he certainly won’t double up on quality). It’s got to the point where I actively suggest IUPs that I know I am not fussed about and therefore won’t eat – this is the tactic I used today – I’ll report back how well that worked.

Before that I had actually had breakfast – a too sweet for me ‘Cuckoo’ Apple and Cinnamon Bircher Muesli that I had received as a freebie from an event. It wasn’t finished and I will therefore blame Cuckoo for the donut.

Lunch was Pilpel – my previously mentioned favourite falafel place in the City. Strangely for me I couldn’t finish it today – donut’s fault.

I ran home and still feeling pretty full I made a quick toast, poached egg and asparagus supper – just the right size.

dinner 21.09

I then sat down to watch a CAM lecture on the Gut/Brain axis – an interesting discussion on the role our gut has on anxiety and stress. 95% of serotonin (the happy hormone) in the body is found with the GI (gastro-intestinal) tract and gut bacteria both produce and respond to the same neurochemicals that our brain uses for mood and cognition. Get drinking those probiotics and love your gut people!

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