Vegtember – Day 2

Managed to get to work this morning without breaking a sweat to get in on time and so for breakfast I had some of my home-made granola with a couple of dollops of Greek yoghurt and a handful of raspberries which I bought en route. One of my favourites!

At lunchtime I dashed to a pilates class and then constructed my lunch from a few leftover salad ingredients from home – rocket, tomatoes, spring onions, grilled peppers and feta cheese – with a little drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Just before I left work I ate an avocado and black bean wrap that I had picked up from Pret at lunchtime – it wasn’t bad but had a bit of a soggy bottom by the time I ate it….

I then zipped over to the West End to attend a Healthy Baking Workshop at my college which was taken by Renee Elliott, founder of Planet Organic. Renee is an engaging and interesting woman and over the course of 2 hours taught the group to make wheat-free bread and pizza bases and an amazing wheat free, dairy free and egg free chocolate cake. The highlight for me was obviously sampling all the grub and thankfully she obviously got the memo that I was having a meat free month as the pizza toppings were vegetarian! Score! If I took anything away from this evening it is that making wheat free bread is easy and delicious (I wonder if I will be saying that when I attempt it……..) and that cocoa is the most sprayed crop on the planet so if you are going to buy only one thing organic it should be that!

Got home in time to watch my recorded version of Bake Off (fittingly the gluten free and dairy free episode) and whip up an almond nut butter before bed.

Am I officially a vegetarian yet?!

Day 2

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