Vegtember – Day 1

I decided the best way to approach this month was preparation….. so in between having to work from home on Bank Holiday Monday, I made chilli, passata, pesto, chutney, nut butter, pizza bases, granola and chopped up lots of fruit (to freeze for smoothies).

I currently eat a low gluten diet and am very wary that I don’t want to resort back to wheat pasta and bread as an easy option if I feel stuck. I am quite often out and about during the week and I am trying to plan ahead so that I don’t get caught out. On the flip side, I am hoping for some unplanned outings so I can test how easy it is to make healthy vegetarian choices on the hop – and if indeed there is an adequate selection! I work and live in one of the greatest cities in the world and have faith that London Town will have options aplenty!

Anyway, back to today…

I didn’t get off to the best start – I only had a fruit and veg smoothie for breakfast – I would not normally deem this as an adequate meal, however, I was running late for work (mainly due to smoothie making) where my team have “democratically” decided that only death (your own) is an acceptable reason to arrive after 8.30am, and if this is not adhered to you are on the hook to buy breakfast for the rest of the team. I sure as hell wasn’t going to be buying a round on bacon sandwiches on my first day of being a vegetarian! This would have amused them no end!

Lunch was more successful, not far from where I work is Hummus Bros where I bought a falafel and guacamole hummus salad bowl.

For dinner I had a friend over and they were treated to homemade pizza (the recipe is the ‘Flower Power Pizza’ found in Hemsley and Hemsley, “The Art of Eating Well”). The base is made out of cauliflower! My friend was fortunate enough to be allowed parma ham on theirs, I stuck to goats cheese, egg, onion, peppers, mushrooms, homemade pesto and rocket. I got a resounding thumbs up for my effort and I made a mental note to make more pizza bases and put them in the freezer for emergencies!

Day 1 -tick!

Day 1

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