This isn’t just a run. This is therapy.

These are the words I heard muttered as I ran along the South Bank for a lunch time jaunt and they really resonated with me.  My runs are more than just a run, they are a time when I reflect on things that have happened, I plan for things for the future and I reconsider decisions I have made.  It’s a time when I am not sat in front of a computer, I am not writing an essay or a blog, I am not studying my college notes, it’s a time when I can just think and get lost in my own thoughts.

For me, my running is an effective anti-depressant and I would encourage anyone who struggles with mood disorders to give running a go.  Half the time I don’t want to go, I procrastinate for up to an hour, I think of the things I could be doing instead but there are very few times I have got back from a run and regretted it.

There is no doubting the evidence that running not only helps those suffering with depression but exercise in general also helps those with high blood pressure, diabetes, PCOS, arthritis, excess weight, to name a few.

I would recommended to any of my clients to be exercising 3 times a week, one session where they are really getting their heart rate up like interval runs or HIIT sessions, one session where they are doing strength and conditioning work – lifting weights or body weight exercises and one final session focussing on stretching and flexibility like yoga or Pilates.  Variety is the spice of life after all.



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