OctSober – The Final Week

So I was due to finish OctSober on 4th November due to my later start but I have a small confession to make… in the last week of Octsober I fell off the wagon :-/ I was in a “life is too short not to enjoy a glass of red wine” mode (and in my defence I would say I was actively encouraged in this thought by one of my friends)…. and so I gave in and had one (or maybe two….but who’s counting). BUT even though I failed to be dry for a whole month I learnt some important lessons:

1) it feels so good waking up clear headed after a proper night’s sleep. Even after a glass or two of an evening you still don’t sleep in the same way as you do when there is zero booze in your system

2) lack of alcohol improves my skin – after the initial detox outbreak my skin seemed to glow more and feel better, I was on the verge of calling Clinque and offering my services

3) it’s ok to want to have a glass of wine with dinner – like other food or drink with slim to no nutritional value, life really is too short not to enjoy them in moderation. When I start having clients I need to make meal plans for them that are achievable – like it or not, alcohol is a part of people’s life and they enjoy a tipple. To tell people to cut it out completely is often not sustainable and potentially sets them up for failure. Telling yourself you can’t have something, makes you more likely to trip over on that exact thing – I can vouch for that.

4) soft drink alternatives in drinking establishments are often no better than their alcoholic counterpart and in some cases contain a lot more sugar. If you are going to abstain, my advice would be to stick to fizzy water with a squeeze of fresh citrus fruit juice in there.

5) I don’t need alcohol to have a good time – I did various activities where before I would have taken having a drink as necessary given – it’s not and I will actively make a conscious decision in future about whether I really need that drink or not….

So Vegtember and OctSober are over so what is next for my blog?

I’m learning lots of great, useful and fascinating information from my course (see below) and I will be sharing it over the coming weeks. I’m also hunting the city for healthy breakfast and lunch options and compiling suggestions for sensible on the go meals for busy people.

Finally, I’m continuing to test recipes – creating my own and trying other people’s and posting the best ones here and on my Instagram and Twitter accounts (@thegutlife) – I also have a rather lovely new personalised plate you may see knocking about in some of the pictures!

So watch this space!

I have been trying to find an opportune moment to share this and don’t think there ever will be one, so now is as good as time as any….
The Bristol Stool Chart is used as a medical aid to classify the formation of faeces into one of seven categories – some lovely person made a cake which mirrored this and called it the Bristol Stool TART…see below:



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