Nutritional Therapy

The Gut Life Terms and Conditions

To book a consultation or for more details about nutritional therapy and if it is right for you please e-mail me on, call me on 07841 104355 or fill in the Contact form

What Can You Expect From a Consultation?

Prior To The Consultation

I will ask you to give me a brief synopsis of why you would like to see me and also keep a 7 day food and drink diary complete with other information on your mood, energy and exercise.  This will help me to form a good overall picture of your typical diet – it’s important you are completely honest in this diary to enable me to make the best recommendations personal to you.

During the Consultation

We will spend a good portion of the hour talking thorough your main reason(s) for coming to see me and understanding your goals.  This will be followed by a comprehensive consultation of all your body systems, past medical history and current health so I can address any other underlying points of stress and determine the best advice I can give you from a holistic point of view.  We will also look at your lifestyle, food budget and cooking habits to enable the formulation of a tailor made plan just for you.

After the Consultation

Within a few days you will be emailed your plan which will include:

  • Dietary recommendations specific to your personal circumstance
  • Lifestyle suggestions to promote overall mental and physical wellbeing
  • Menu suggestions and recipes, where appropriate
  • A supplement regime, where appropriate

This will be followed up with a phone call so you have the opportunity to ask any questions relating to the plan.

Two weeks into the plan I will arrange a Skype video call or telephone call to check in how you are finding the plan and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have at that stage.  This is part of the initial consultation price.

Follow Up Appointment(s)

I would aim to book you in for a follow up 4-8 weeks after the initial consultation based on what we agree or if you have booked a package we will discuss suitable dates to meet again depending on the package you have purchased.  This appointment is an opportunity to track progress, tweak the plan where necessary or indeed build on the existing plan.  You will get another plan emailed to you along with any additional meal plan, recipe or supplement suggestions where applicable.  I would aim to see most clients for one or two follow up appointments hoping that should be enough to put you on the right path to optimal nutrition, however, some clients may feel they need extra support or in more complex cases some additional work may need to be done.

A Note on Supplements

I try to rely on dietary changes as much as possible in a nutrition plan but sometimes I feel supplements are necessary to give the plan a kick start, especially if a nutrient deficiency is apparent.  I can receive 25% off most supplements and I pass this discount on to my clients in full.

The Gut Life Terms and Conditions