Marathon Training Blog – Week 3

Wow.  Who else’s long run consisted of either snow or sleet the entire way round?  I ran 13 miles today and the last 2 miles was snowing extremely heavily – it was quite surreal. 

I did a mile longer than I intended to as well because I got lost in some woods and my beautiful new trainers are now mud coloured and saturated – 8 hours later they are still drying off!  The mud had soaked all the way through my socks too and my feet were filthy! 

I trialled something different with my nutrition on my long run today – having had a carbohydrate rich meal last night, I had just half an apple about 30 minutes before I set off this morning.  Unlike last week I wasn’t prepared to wait 2 hours for something more substantial to go down because I knew the snow was coming.  I felt fine most of the way round but definitely felt my energy levels waning in the last mile.  I think 13 miles is the longest I would run without a pre-run meal and/or a gel en route.  I think when the runs start getting longer, if I want to get the run out of the way early, I will wake up 2 hours before, eat and go back to bed if necessary. 

When I first got in from the run I had a Kind nut bar and after I had showered and warmed up, I had eggs, wholemeal toast and avocado.  For dinner, I had chicken, sweet potato, spinach and broccoli.  I’ve made sure my meals have a good mix of carbohydrates, protein and fats.  I did have a couple of squares of 70% dark chocolate too ???? 

Also this week I joined the local running club – it was a freezing cold, windy evening but it was great.  Lots of other people there are running the marathon too so it’s a great place to connect with people having the same trials, tribulations, successes and milestones as you! 

I don’t believe in counting calories but I think it’s something to be aware of.  If you aren’t interested in losing any body weight during your training you will need to eat more on days you run to keep your weight stable.  To put this into context, if you are running for an hour at a pace of 10 min miles you are burning around 700kcal.  When are you are getting to the tail end of your training and you are running for 3 hours or more at that pace, that’s 2,100kcal!  If you run faster that that, it will be even more.  To put this into context, 700 kcal is 75g oats, 300ml milk, 100g blueberries, 1 slice of wholegrain toast and 1tbsp of peanut butter.  So if weight loss is not something you want to happen whilst you are training, you need to start replacing those calories burnt! 

I have quite an unusual week this week as I am being a bridesmaid and it’s my birthday! So the training will be a little lighter than usual. 

Training for this week will be:

Monday:             Rest

Tuesday:              10km run

Wednesday:        Running Club

Thursday:            10 mile run

Friday:                 Yoga

Saturday:            BRIDESMAID DUTIES!

Sunday:               BIRTHDAY FUN!


Happy Running! X

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