Corporate Wellness

I work with corporations to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Having worked in the financial services sector for over 13 years, I am well aware of the potential stresses of working in a pressurised environment, how hard it is to "eat on the go" healthily, and the fatigue that can follow from long commutes and long days.

I can create bespoke presentations tailored to themes the company want to touch on but have found eating for Stress, Fatigue and Mental Health a popular topic.

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Some feedback I have had from previous sessions:

"Jane recently held two sessions with the Eight Roads team; one in person and then a full hour for virtual Q&A. Both sessions were really interactive, everyone in the room was really engaged and we received great feedback afterwards. Both from a corporate and personal perspective, the sessions have been really rewarding."

"Found it really interesting and engaging and has got the office talking about it!"

"Thanks for a thought-provoking session this morning - it thoroughly inspired me to get a proper handle on the digestive issues that I deal with."

"Thanks so much for your presentation today, really interesting stuff!"

"I thought the talk was really informative and although I consider myself to be relatively knowledgeable about healthy living, and what foods to eat/avoid (having spent most of my adult life on some kind of diet), I found you covered quite a lot of stuff that was new to me, and I learnt a lot. "

"Fascinating topic that people need to stop and think about. It showed that small changes to diet and sleeping patterns can have a big influence on well-being.  I think people underestimate that body health/fitness leads to mental happiness so this was ‘food’ for thought"

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