Vitamin D Day

Did you know 2nd November is Vitamin D Day? So what’s the big deal about Vitamin D that it deserves a whole day dedicated to it? Why do we need Vitamin D? As we all know we need calcium in our diets to have strong bones and teeth but also to help every cell we …

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World Mental Health Day – Supporting Mental Health through Nutrition

Anxiety and Depression – How can good nutrition improve your mental health? Believe it or not, what you put in your mouth can have a huge impact on your general mood and could even affect your feelings of happiness, improve your sleep and give you more energy. Having suffered on and off from depression myself …

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Coconut and Cinnamon Granola

To make a lower sugar alternative, just omit the xylitol and dried fruit. If you don’t have xylitol and wish to sweeten the granola, use a tbsp of maple syrup or honey.  These two have a much higher glycaemic load than xylitol though and can spike your blood sugar.

What the Fat?!

I often see in clinic lots of confusion around fats with people worrying about how much they should be eating and whilst it’s true that 1g of fat contains over twice as many calories as 1g of either protein or carbohydrates, it’s also true that not all fats are equal and some are actually incredibly beneficial. …

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This isn’t just a run. This is therapy.

These are the words I heard muttered as I ran along the South Bank for a lunch time jaunt and they really resonated with me.  My runs are more than just a run, they are a time when I reflect on things that have happened, I plan for things for the future and I reconsider …

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