Marathon Training Blog – 4 Weeks To Go

The above picture was bought for me by a follow runner over a year ago – I hang it on the back of my bathroom door for motivation.  The bit about running with a friend is definitely true.  It was so nice going out with my fab friend Anna today – time just passes so much quicker!

Eek, how is it coming around so quickly?! I just can’t believe it’s only 4 weeks to go.

I was envisioning writing this blog weekly when I started but I can honestly say I can’t believe the run of bad luck I have had which has meant week after week I haven’t been able to do the training I have wanted to do – and I didn’t want to share my misery with everyone!  However, I am as back on track as I can be, although a PB looks unachievable at this stage (although never say never!) and I have done two 20 mile runs in the past two weeks and I’m feeling ok.

I have decided the best gels for me this time round are the GU Salted Caramel ones.  OMG they taste good.  I usually wait until around mile 9 when the glycogen stores are starting to deplete to have my first one and then I have been having a gel around every 30 minutes after that point and it seems to be enough to keep the energy up.  In theory we should be having slightly more than that (one about every 20 minutes) but the practicalities of carrying that many with me with around a litre of water is proving challenging! It will of course be easier on the day to have the carb hits as there will be Lucozade stalls and people handing out sweets and I will get some strategically placed family members and friends to dish some out gels en route!

Anyway, I’ve had a few questions about what to eat in the lead up to the big day and here is my advice (please note these plans are a generic plan for a 6ft, 80kg person and should be scaled accordingly for your own weight/height, the plans also assume you are in good health and have no underlying health conditions or food intolerances/allergies.  THESE PLANS ARE DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE AND NOT A REPRESENTATION OF WHAT I/THE GUT LIFE CONSIDERS A BALANCED DIET UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES).

Click here –> Marathon Training

Hope that helps all those that were asking!

One other tip I have is using magnesium to help our muscles recover.  Transdermally is the best way – use epsom salts in a bath or use a magnesium spray directly on the muscles – my lovely friend Amy bought me this and I am eternally grateful! –>

This week I have a fundraising quiz night.  It’s a total sell out so I’m thrilled and it will be a great night – makes it all very real!

Happy running – last push now!  My last long run will be 22 miles some time over the Easter weekend!

Jane x

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